Beavers Monday FAQ's


What are the meeting times?
We meet on Mondays between 7- 8:30 pm. Please ensure that you bring your child into the Den – don’t just let them out in the car park. Please let us know if someone different will be collecting your child. We would strongly encourage you to car pool as the car park can be very busy.

What should our Beaver wear each week?
Full Uniform including Beaver Trousers, Sweatshirt and when invested their Neckerchief and Woggle.  They should also wear or bring runners with them each week for games and wear a t-shirt under their Beaver top (as they can get very hot).

Please label everything. 

We inspect the Beavers on the first Monday of every month where Beavers will also need to wear black shoes and socks and have their uniform ship shape.

Which way is the necker worn?
The green should be on the childs right hand side. When purchasing ask for the 70th Dublin, Porterstown neckerchief.

Where can I buy the uniform? – in the Scout Shop – The Outdoor Adventure Store, 34/35 Upper Liffey Street, Dublin 1 or

Where do the badges go?
We will let the children know where the badges go and we will also send you a note explaining what they did to achieve it. If you are unsure just ask a leader. I’m afraid these have to be sewn on the old fashioned way – wonderweb won’t work!

What are the fees?
Fees are due in September each year – you will receive a notice with further details.

What are the arrangements for outings?
We will advise you in advance of any upcoming events and outings.  These are optional but Beavers find them very enjoyable and give them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in the company of their friends.

Dates and times for outings do change so please watch out for any notes your Beaver brings home and check back on the website regularly.

Some outings will have additional fees – usually to pay for bus hire or entrance fees.  Payment will be required in advance of the outing and unfortunately, cannot be refunded if the child cannot attend.

What should be worn/brought for outings?
We will advise you what the Beavers should wear depending on the event but generally for a hike or similar activity they can wear casual clothes, (no jeans) with their neckerchief knotted without the woggle.  They should also bring clothing appropriate to the weather – mostly this means rain gear/warm clothing.  See the specific activity note for more details.

Beavers should always bring a packed lunch to include a sandwich and drink (no glass or cans) and a couple of snacks (treats allowed).

They will have to carry their own gear for the event so everything they bring should fit into a small backpack.

We encourage them to “leave no trace” so they will be bringing home their litter and hopefully some good memories.

What will be needed for sleepover’s/camping?
Typically your Beaver will need the following for a sleepover/camp – see any specific notes for more details and please label everything.

  • Rucksack
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Mat
  • Pillow
  • Change of clothes/shoes
  • Suncream
  • Wet weather gear
  • Knife, fork, spoon
  • Cup, plate, bowl
  • Torch
  • Cuddly toy
  • No mobile phones or electronic games!

What’s the Scout Promise?
New Beavers who are being invested will need to know the Beaver Scout Promise. If you can practice this with them at home it will be a big help.

I promise to do my best;
to be a good Beaver Scout;
to love God
and to love one another.

We’ll also be helping them to know their name, address and telephone number.

What are the Leaders Names?

Senan, Patrick, Michelle, Tara, Orla & Martin.

We encourage the children to call us by our first names - so please help them to do this!


Beaver Uniform


Scout Shop

The Outdoor Adventure Store
34/35 Upper Liffey Street
Dublin 1
Main Shop: 01 8725177
Scout Shop: 01 8722212

What you need to buy:



Model Number: BEA001 

  • Official Beaver Top
  • New Emblem Included
  • Active Cut



Model Number: SI002 

  • Junior Pull up pants - Si002
  • Official Beaver and Cubs Pants
  • Si logo embroidered



Model Number: GG013 

  • Hand Made
  • Good Quality Leather
  • Made in Ireland


Neckerchief 70th Dublin, Clonsilla 4442

  • Green and Blue (Green worn on child’s right )